Ball Candle

Ball Candles                 

 selection of round candles,including; white, ivory and a range of multi-coloured ball candles. The colour range allows you to match the ball candles you select with your dinner taper candles or pillar candles. As an alternative to matching your candle colours, why not try complementary colours to create that individual look for your home.

Ball candles are a great way of making a decorative statement in your home, being available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours.  Round candles can make a great centre piece for your dinner table, or create the soft lighting for a romantic evening.

Grouping various size and colour of round ball candles together can make a fantastic striking eye-catching display for your home.  Alternatively, by mixing your ball candles with similar, or complementary, colour pillar candles or dinner candles you can create a great aesthetic look.

When using your ball candles, don`t forget your candle holders, a great looking candleholder can really show off your candles, as well as protecting the surfaces of furniture from heat or wax damage.

To maximise the burn time of your candles, ensure you trim the wick of the candle and burn the candle for long enough before putting the candle out to prevent the wax tunnelling and accelerating the burn.

This selection of round ball candles are just part of our range of our everyday candles.

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